Our Purpose: Unity

We all serve a purpose as humans. Our purpose as humans is unity. We are meant to form unity, to be unified, and “become” unity. We will fully understand unity when we’re all united. How am I so sure this is our purpose for being? We have urges to be nice, to conform, to mingle, to follow the way of others, to get along, and cooperate. We evolve from empires, to states, to countries, and will eventually just be a melting pot of people called the world. We’re unifying, coming together, and creating something greater. What are we creating?
People come together to form governments; a greater system. Governments come together to form something even greater, and the cycle continues. What is the system we’re trying to create? What is the ultimate goal? Maybe we are all just “particles” unifying to form god. Or maybe our reality is simply the fact that we must come together as one for the sake of being able to cooperate without conflict. Nobody knows our purpose, and we aren’t meant to know. Why are we living? What is life? Why must we live it? It’s part of the mystery that keeps our engines churning. Think of nature for a minute. Think of specific herbs that affect our way of thinking. Think about how these plants grow, and seed, and replant into the ground and live again. When we’re under the influence we gain the knowledge of the plant and it alters our perspective.
The combined perspective of plant and human helps us better understand the nature of things. Nature is on a higher level than we are. Nature simply exists and fulfills its destiny without hesitation and question. Humans must question and must alter our reality so we don’t have to deal with it, but under the influence of these plants we learn to go with flow and simplify our nature to that of the nature of the plant. We live, and become “unmotivated,” but rather just don’t feel the need to change our reality into something it’s not. Why don’t we want to experience it? We haven’t gained the insight that plants have, or animals have. Animals are instinctive. When we steer away from instinct we steer away from our natural existence. We have to be able to work together before we can function like plants or any form of nature and evolve. Or is it just the opposite? Is nature and animals on a lower level than humans because they don’t question and resist their own existence and try to form their own reality with technology?
We have formed our own reality with TV, computers, cars, and any other form of electronics. It’s hard to say whether or not we’re becoming superior or inferior, by evolving our existing reality or simply going against nature and corrupting ourselves. If you ask anybody they’d say we are “the best form of life.” However, maybe we have our own existence very twisted. Maybe we aren’t so great, but actually have to learn simplicity before we can become something as great as a plant or a primitive animal. Why do we teach individuality?
We create our own worlds in our own minds by reflecting on things we have experienced. We are all naturally unique and simple, but we have to learn to conform. Why are we being taught to be unique when it’s our natural way? It’s not natural to want to be exactly like someone else, it’s natural to be yourself, but why do we fear it? Experience is the illusion used to create the perspective of “unity.” We do not exist. We are an audience to the movie of our life. We are given experience to help us on our way and guide us to gain the ultimate perspective of being able to love everything and cooperate with everything without conflict and differences. We are not in control of our lives or what happens, we have to watch and learn. Watch the events unfold and let your perspective be altered with it.
Psychiatric conditions are nothing but an illusion; you can share the same perspectives with others. Someone with schizophrenia or who is manic-depressive may be able to recognize someone else with the condition by recognizing his or her perspectives on life. Psychiatric conditions are just really screwed up perspectives to help us learn the lessons of life that we were put here to learn. If individuality is promoted will our ability to unify as one big government with one economy be jeopardized? Or will the unity fall apart because we’ll gain our own views?
Couples form a unified personality. Have you ever noticed that nobody is the same when combined with their significant other? Rather, a third personality is formed, combined of both partners. College is a place to promote individuality because we have to live on our own terms, we’re supposed to find ourselves in college, and we respect people who are individuals because they can live on their own. At the same time people who strive for unity hate individuality and the weirdo’s out there. How can this be? Is god striving for unity and the devil trying to pull us apart? Or is god trying to pull us apart and the devil trying to conform us? Which seems more logical to you? It’s your reality.
God and the devil can both deceive us to perceive anything with a particular edge to it. These perspectives are transferable. Consider them knowledge. Knowledge is not memorization; it is different perspectives, which can be obtained. The illusion of substance is also interesting. We do not own our bodies; we are not even physically “alive.” We could be in a room of a hospital, each and every one of us, hooked up to a machine to watch our lives unfold day by day. Just like the matrix, we may be only watching our lives and learning from the experiences. We fall into and out of consciousness and into and out of lives or experiences or illusions to gain the perspective therein. Such as school is created to gain specific knowledge from classes to form the unity of a degree. We gain perspectives from lives to gain the ultimate purpose of life.
Life could be the ultimate reality, or unity could be just an attribute of a greater system on a greater scale. We tend to repeat the attributes of the perspective “unity” or “life” in order to better grasp the subject as a whole. When we understand we move on, or maybe move to another being to experience another form of life. Maybe we move on to another substance such as a cat to gain another attribute of life, since we already have unity from being human. If we don’t have all the characteristics to create unity we cannot go on, we go to a different human with different handicaps to better understand. Unity can be looked at as one government controlling everyone. We would be united, would we not? We would have one income, equal opportunities, and we would be complete. Is a complete government good or bad? We are striving for it as humans it is obvious, so in our terms it is good. But we are in constant war.
What is good and what is bad? We never agree, and we are at war nonstop because of this. When we accept that there is not a good or bad we will understand. Regardless, we try to find the end, we want to know the truth, and we are intelligence seekers. Curiosity overwhelms us and we try to sum up life as I’m trying to do, but we aren’t meant to understand. Life is infinite and we’re living in a finite world. We can’t understand because god wont let us, or we wouldn’t be deceived enough for the ultimate plan of unity to be successful.

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