AI Technology and Mind Invasion

9th February 2013, 11:59
Note: This is a “breakaway” thread from Vivek’s thread here (
I created this thread to keep a theory in a separate place and in order to not in a way derail Viveks thread.
Please also read Vivek’s thread, as it is VERY important and closely related to my theory(s)
Part 1
The Propaganda Upgrade-What Is It? What is happening to common sense, logic, and reasoning?
Brainwave and Thought Pattern Manipulation – AI Technology And The Invasion Of Our Minds
My Opinion, My Theory (only a possibility for myself and others to consider)….
I personally do not believe this is an entity such as a goblin or ET playing mind games with the human race, I believe it is a small group of people now using new technology to further an agenda to dominate and enslave the human race.
This is a program put in place a long time ago mainly using brainwashing propaganda through the media/TV/Radio and MSM, political and corporate positions, etc. Now we are seeing, feeling, witnessing, thinking, hearing something “different:. People are noticing this new energy so to speak.
I believe some sick psychopathic anti-human individuals tapped in to some new technology (or enhanced something that already existed) and now has basically fine tuned some type of machine that can add to the great deception program that has been in place now for decades.
This new or dialed in technology has the ability of an advanced propaganda program, enhancing the already in place propaganda/brainwashing programs, in which it can not only fool people like the TV add’s and BS MSM does, but it can operate at such a level it that it actually can manipulate brainwaves and thought patterns.
I believe this new technology is using the electrical magnetic system and possibly other EARTH energies, possibly microwaves and or HAARP technology and or all of it together to actually enter the minds of man and play games so to speak with brainwaves and thought patterns.
I believe that this technology was tested a couple of years ago on certain frequency levels which affected birds, fish, turtles, crabs etc, thus causing birds to fall out of the sky or fly in to the ground, massive schools of fish etc to either drown themselves or beach themselves,
migrating animals and mammals to get lost, etc etc. A pole shift did not do this to these creatures folks!
I believe the human test began on July 20, 2012 with the Aurora shooting, but it wasn’t dialed in right IMO. The rest of 2012 this machine or power source was fine tuned and on December 14th, 2012 went online so to speak with the Sandy Hook event.
Since the Sandy Hook event a massive propaganda campaign has went in to effect to divide people, to further an agenda to take rights away, to test out new communication propaganda techniques/deceptions (LIES) and this technology is affecting brainwaves and thought patterns causing an incredible amount of people to believe about anything the propaganda masters say regardless of how idiotic it sounds or regardless if it makes any common sense what so ever……
Something has changed since Sandy Hook, or perhaps escalated in a huge way and this is what I think it is, perhaps I’m wrong, but I notice something different with the majority of the population.
They are testing this brainwave and thought pattern manipulator everywhere in targeted groups too IMO. (It didn’t work too well with Alex Jones on Piers Morgan’s show did it?) It’s only working well with uneducated drugged up already brainwashed people to a large extent and causing other more aware people to notice some confusion and other emotional feelings which causes us to clash and or pick sides, causes division, division even when we don’t know what we are choosing sides for or why.
This technology is flawed and or not absolute. IMO
This brainwave and thought pattern manipulator is a man-made machine IMO…..and it is being used in an already on going propaganda and brain washing program that has already been in operation for years now.
The propaganda machine has been upgraded folks….
These are just my thoughts and opinions at the moment, my work in progress theory about what may be happening.
Take this post as you want to, wrong or right, something major changed in December and it wasn’t the great awakening on 12-21-2012, it may actually be the start of the great brainwashed induced coma!
I also believe the CTB (critters that be) bragged about this new technology on a certain level in the Olympic ceremonies through some of the symbolism.
And also, remember Jessie Ventura’s show about the towers being used for brainwashing programs? The show that basically shut him down to a large degree???? Hmmm?
This last photo looks like a control/power grid to me, not some pyramids from Egypt….
Ironically, wearing a tin foil hat may not be such a crazy idea after all. smiling smiley
There’s so much more to this though, it’s mind boggling….all the way down to fluoride, Monsanto, vaccines etc etc etc.
All of this is related and is part of one agenda.
I seriously think this is right in front of our face and isn’t really all that hidden, one reason why I think HAARP may be involved. It seems to me that in order for such a program and a tool such as a brainwave and thought wave manipulater to actually work, that it really has to be out in the open. Perhaps it’s invisible, but that doesn’t mean it’s still not in from of our face….such as radio waves and our TV’s, etc.
I believe this technology is now wireless and using phones, computers, TV’s, radio’s etc etc. “They” upped the game bigtime in my opinion…..
Just spend a little time watching TV, specifically the news….common sense and simple logic doesn’t exist much anymore and most people eat this crap up as truth. All the new TV shows coming out are about homosexuals, vampires, zombies, people against people, etc etc etc….it’s all brainwashing and very dark IMO. It’s bizarre and getting more bizarre….
This literal messing with brainwaves and thought patterns on such a large scale is beyond dangerous IMO. It could open up all kinds of things the “great scientist” only thought were fantasy and myths….we are about to see the world change in ways NO ONE ever thought possible.
All of this written above I really think is quite accurate in many ways, likely not accurate in some ways, and missing many many details and needs further reasoning and research…..but if I am just 10% correct, that is enough for me to take this seriously and to research and look in to it further.
Part 2
The Super-Computer
NSA Building A $2 Billion Quantum Computer Artificial Intelligence Spy Center, March 18, 2012
The NSA is a data center to house a 512 qubit quantum computer capable of learning, reproducing the brain’s cognitive functions, and programming itself.
The National Security Center is building a highly fortified $2 Billion highly top secret complex simply named the “Utah Data Center” which will soon be home to the Hydrogen bomb of cybersecurity – A 512 Qubit Quantum Computer — which will revitalize the “total information awareness” program originally envisioned by George Bush in 2003.
The news of the data center comes after Department of Defense contractor Lockheed Martin secured a contract with D-Wave for $10 million for a 512 qubit Quantum Computer code-named Vesuvius.
Vesuvius is capable of executing a massive number of computations at once, more than 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,00 0, which is would take millions of years on a standard desktop.
The computer will be able to crack crack even the most secure encryption and will give the US government a quantum leap into technologies once only dreamed of including the rise of the world’s very first all-knowing omniscient self-teaching artificial intelligence.
The D-Wave Quantum computer boasts of a wide array of features including:
Binary classification – Enables the quantum computer to be fed vast amounts of complex input data, including text, images, and videos and label the material
Quantum Unsupervised Feature Learning QUFL – Enables the computer to learn on its own, as well as create and optimize its own programs to make itself run more efficiently.
Temporal QUFL – Enables the Computer to predict the future based in information it learns through Binary classification and the QUFL feature.
Artificial Intelligence Via Quantum Neural Network – Enables the computer to completely reconstruct the human brain’s cognitive processes and teach itself how to make better decisions and better predict the future based.
D-Wave’s 512-qubit chip, code-named Vesuvius
This NSA super-computer may or may not be the culprit I am speaking about now;
I think the huge super computer is not being built, I think it is built and up and running. It’s, well, processing data, and doing it in very strange ways.
Just imagine what a super computer can do with data collected from brainwaves and thought patterns, collecting thoughts on the surface and deep within all the minds on the planet, conscious and sub-consciousness so to speak…it can basically teach itself to be more human like….it will be able to “think” and basically quite accurately predict behaviors reactions, emotions, actions, etc etc etc.
Talk about knowing the thoughts of an enemy…..or of your own population in your own nation. Talk about a tool/machine to use to manipulate, control, and or enslave a species!
I truly believe that this super computer was created by mankind, not aliens as some suggest. These scuttler’s/spider like machines that some people think they are seeing, are us, we ourselves, actually seeing in our minds, the working parts of the main motherboard and or hard-drive so to speak of this super-computer. Our brainwaves and thought patterns, our electrical and magnetic fields (consciousness) has been integrated into the wireless loop of this supercomputer In My Opinion.
The scuttler’s are the data processors just like how google spiders work, but this super computer is way beyond our normal laptop or PC, its wireless and running off of brainwaves, thought patterns, electrical/magnetic fields of our bodies and of the Earth.
They finally did it!
PS: This supercomputer is not just reading/entering the minds and thought patterns of only humans, it’s collecting data on everything with an electrical/magnetic field, anything that is capable of thinking or surviving/living with any type of frequency/energy field what so ever, such as animals, bugs, and plant life too…..
…and even the Mother Earth herself.
PS Again: Personally. I do not think it is only collecting data, I also think it is experimenting with “inserting” data too….
Just an added thought pertaining to why I think the “Earthing” ( book I’m reading right now with my wife may tie in to this…
I think this technology actually works better with organic/biological things when they are grounded. But, humans are not so well grounded; but because we are not well grounded (they know this), they would of had to come up with a plan to make us seem or act as we were grounded or synthetically ground us…..hence, insert/contaminate us with metals that act as a signal/electromagnetic antenna ….enter in mercury in vaccines, aluminum and other metals in chem-trails …all this stuff is in most of our food and our water too. Our bodies are loaded with all kinds of metals (especially aluminum and other VERY HEAVY dangerous chem-trail metals). Although we may not be grounded well, we surely are detectable (easy targets) for this technology now because of this in my opinion. Besides, I feel they can quite precisely dial into our frequency too, which we emit regardless if we are well grounded or not.
Part 3
Related Material
Combining Artificial Intelligence with Mind Control
This is also a hint of whats going on….
Army developing ‘synthetic telepathy’
The U.S. Army is developing a technology known as synthetic telepathy that would allow someone to create email or voice mail and send it by thought alone. The concept is based on reading electrical activity in the brain using an electroencephalograph, or EEG.
Interesting but creepy stuff for sure!
PS: If people can project a thought in to a machine, it’s silly to think that a machine can not project a thought in to people!
Makes me think about the Sandy Hook Experiment!!!!
==Mind control==
Conspiracy theory and popular science fiction would have the world believe that the human mind can be remotely controlled. That individuals can be turned into mindless automatons and directly controlled by computers to produce sleepers or assassins. (ref 30) The reality is much less clear.
Interfacing remotely to write to the brain is performed using electrical interference rather like crosstalk (electronics). (ref 31) Much like a drill next to a television, the interference pattern is processed by the brain as information, a variant which induces sensations and feelings is known as Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. (ref 32) As such, an externally generated monologue will be weaker than the internal monologue of the target subject due to a lesser signal strength. An over-powering signal would interrupt a wide range of neural functions that could impact critical autonomic systems resulting in death.
Two possible methods exist that could result in an individual killing another through the use of synthetic telepathy. The first is to leverage the natural behavior of the target subject, that is, use an individual who would kill another. The second is to induce psychotic symptoms and diminish their mental control (ref 33, 34) In both cases, the underlying mechanics are the same, to provide impulses and sensations that urge the individual to commit murder. This is not hypnosis, but merely physiological manipulation without the knowledge of the target.
Another area of interest and arguably more feasible, is the manipulation of political figures. (ref 35)Thoughts, sensations and impulses can be combined to influence political and personal decision making processes. A similar process can be used to effect the population at large to drive agendas or to maintain power for certain groups, undermining free will and self-expression. (ref 36) As the technology matures and expands to regimes throughout the globe, this will be a major source of concern for governments world-wide.
“The HBP will build new platforms for “neuromorphic computing” and “neurorobotics”, allowing researchers to develop new computing systems and robots based on the architecture and circuitry of the brain,” EFPL scientists said in a statement this week.
The Swiss project likened the research to the Large Hadron’s Collider’s exploration of the subatomic world, describing the Human Brain project as a, “CERN for the brain.”
John Hall, author of A New Breed; Satellite Terrorism in America: electronic harassment, snooping and stalking technology, mind control and how CIA & NSA technology used to track, intimidate, biometric identification cards, satellite terrorism, the world wide implementation of the control grid. Topics Discussed: Project Galileo, Microchips, Biometric ID Card, Verichip, Sexual Assault, Freedom from covert surveillance, Agency Sterile, Multimodality System, GWEN towers, Cell phones, Mind Control, Frey, Microwave hearing effect, Manchurian Candidate, Murder of our foreign Minister Anna Lindh, Hearing Voices, Norway Spiral, de-population, John Holdren, How are People tracked? Biometric Signature, EEG, optical tracking, Haptic Devices, Smart Houses, Touch Sensitive Walls or an Office Building with Weight Sensors in the Floors, Loss of Privacy, Allergic to Radio Waves, Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Inqtel, CIA funding, Skype, X-Box Live and more.
Web crawler
Spider trap
James Russell and team, produced this very informative and well researched film about the dangers of wireless technology. This important film will help to create awareness about one of the world’s best kept secrets. Wireless technology is a global and very serious issue which may cause health and environmental ramifications beyond any issue known before.
My note: The weapon that they are using to manipulate brainwaves and thought patterns and brainwash/control us with is hidden in plain sight….. each of us have one in our hands right now, clipped to our belts or in a handbag, or sitting on the table right next to us…..A CELL PHONE!
This is just my opinion:
I personally think it is a mistake to jump down the rabbit hole and think that this wireless and other brainwave and thought pattern manipulation technology must be alien.
Don’t get me wrong, considering all possibilities is a must and alien technology must be considered as a possibility.
Personally for me I DO believe that most of what we are witnessing is in fact “man-made” technologies. I look around the world and see camera’s going up everywhere, extreme computing technology and apps, super computers being built in a couple of places, the atom smasher, HAARP technology, telescopes looking across the universe, etc etc etc.
To me, if this highly advanced alien technology was available, why are they resorting to “man-made” machines/technology everywhere? Why waste all this time and energy building super computers and surveillance equipment when an ET machine could do it all and no one but the operator would know of it???? It just doesn’t make sense to me that Aliens are responsible for what we are seeing going on in our lives on planet Earth.
I also see holes and flaws everywhere with these technologies many are claiming are alien, huh?
As I mentioned in another post earlier, man made technologies being worked on in top secret would seem “alien” to us “civilians”….
Anyways, I am who I am and I will move forward considering this technology man-made until proven otherwise…..
This guy was playing with this stuff we’re talking about in this thread over 100 years ago….humans have had plenty of time since then to “fine tune” this technology. (Tesla)
Check these companies out (and how much their worth and what they do)
This one is really interesting…
Iridium Communications
a system of 66 active satellites used for worldwide voice and data communication from hand-held satellite phones and other transceiver units. The Iridium network is unique in that it covers the whole Earth, including poles, oceans and airways. The company derives its name from the chemical element iridium. The number of satellites projected in the early stages of planning was 77, the atomic number of iridium, evoking the metaphor of 77 electrons orbiting the nucleus.
The system is being used extensively by the U.S. Department of Defense through the DoD gateway in Hawaii.
Iridium satellite constellation
There’s quite a few other wild connections I found too with some other wireless and satellite companies…..
This is interesting and important!
The first thing that you must fully understand is that we are all electromagnetic entities! Every single cell in our bodies is a tiny electric storage battery and generator. Every organ is part of an electrical grid. We live and breathe with electromagnetism. It is everywhere all around us. The air we inhale is full of electromagnetism, as are the clothes and fabrics, which cover our bodies. Within our bodies, this electricity flows through us like water through an extremely complex network of river channels.
Qigong & The Power of Magnetic Fields
THE BIO-ENERGY FIELD The body has an energy field – more accurately, the bio-energy field has a body. That bio-energy field is a field of light encoded information. In the ancient Celtic tradition they had a word for photon called “lutz” or light encoded information. You can think of that bioenergy field as a holographic image of yourself. There is a holographic image of yourself for every cell in your body, every molecule in your body, and one for all of you. We relate to this physical body as reality just as we relate to this table as reality. Literally they are holographic morphogenic images of energy. There is a vast distance in between every nucleus of the atom and its electrons, and in between there is just vacuum, space, nothing else. That is what physical reality is made up of. So literally, our bodies are really holographic images. Holographic images of reality are held together by photons that carry information that tell everything above them, the electrons and the atoms, and everything below them where they need to be and what they need to do. Photons remember where everything is. They have memory and they have information carrying potential.
WE ARE ALL ELECTROMAGNETIC BEINGS The human body grounds electromagnetic radiation in the environment because of the electrical conductivity of our body. It is attracted to us. All living systems are based on electromagnetic energy. Every cell in your body is generating an electromagnetic field, every plant, every rock, the planet itself, the whole universe is made up of energy. It is true that man-made electromagnetic radiation is not the only source of random photons in the environment, but the problem is these frequencies which we have never encountered before are a whole different spectrum of frequencies than the living system uses.
Electromagnetic radiation
Will update with more soon…..
Update: Added Thoughts….
This may be even simpler to explain regardless of how complex this technology is, or even considering that this technology is many years ahead of us and alien in nature to some degree (such as technology reversed engineered from an alien vehicle or discovered by a scientist and is not correctly or completely understood )….
The question is; Regardless of how or where this technology came from and what it is actually capable of or intended for, what would a few psychopathic greedy humans really want to use it for??????? Would the humans who either discovered/created this technology or reversed engineered it really want to use it for the benefit of humanity and the Earth????? or would they want to use it to benefit themselves only???? Do these few greedy and power hungry humans using and controlling this technology really want to save humanity or to enslave humanity?????
I think we can pretty much guesstimate what the “people” in control of this technology would want to use it for….
Perhaps these “people” are in fact, getting lazy so to speak, relying too much on technology/machines to do their dirty work rather than the true power of the human spirit and consciousness itself.????
This is what I believe because if this technology trumped the human spirit and our true conscious/spiritual potential, we’d be toast by now and completely defeated. It seems as it is right now, this technology can only manipulate and trick the body, mind, soul, spirit, and free will, not dominate/become it, and absolutely control it.
In a way, I think the “sorcerer” is getting lazy or weak and relying too much on technology……
I’m gonna be the “opti mystic” one smiling smiley
I believe we are a bit more powerful than we realize, especially when it comes to AI machines/technology. I see this stuff very closely related to our computers in a way (but much more advanced of course). Even so, I still think in order for it to “absolutely” control us, we would have to submit to it so to speak, or totally be unaware of it.
Our spiritual strength or wisdom/awareness acts like a virus scanner so to speak. It (the manipulation software) doesn’t load right in to our minds if we don’t want it too or when we fight it so to speak the program is corrupted. On the other hand, a dumbed down individual who could care a less and doesn’t have a clue is wide open to it and the program loads properly…..(the Obama phone lady like people?)
smiling smiley
As I mentioned earlier, as it stands now, I think this is man made and a bit simpler than we are thinking it is….it may actually be in it’s infancy so to speak…..
PS: we don’t just receive wave like energy (electromagnetic, etc) we also emit it….it’s a two way street IMO when it comes to this technology.
They are allowing us “civilians” to “play” with the outdated and “simple” version of this technology….
The Helicopter That Reads Your Brainwaves
The company envisions the product being used for “entertainment, personal training of mental focus or relaxation, and as an aid to teaching science and technology from middle school through to university level.” The toy, called the Puzzlebox Orbit, is a system in three parts: a flying sphere (the helicopter), a pyramid-shaped remote that steers the helicopter with infrared LEDS, and a headset that reads brainwaves and signals data to the pyramid.
That final part is made by brain-computer interface technology company NeuroSky, and uses electroencephalography (EEG) (a fancy word for brainwave detection) to monitor the brain’s changing states of electric activity. The hardware can tell if the brain is concentrating or relaxing, for example, and sends that information to the pyramid, causing the helicopter to take off.

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