Confound.COMment’s FireFox Browser Add-on

CONFOUND’s Very Own FireFox Browser Add-On For Surfing Notes

confound.comments sidebar
“Sidebar notetaking… Per URL…”

The “Confound .Comment’s” Extension was created to enable you to make sidenotes on every webpage you visit and having them save without the need of hitting a button or storing any other additional required data. It’s fast. It’s convenient…

With thought thought of convenience in mind I decided to add a “Clear All” Button that clears all of your browsing history along with all of your sidenotes (as they are stored per url with the history). I’ve always wanted a button to do this, so here it is. You can edit each note and add notes with a regular title instead of correlatting with the URL itself.

Below the sidebar’s notepad space lies a Tab Switcher so you can easily flip between all active webpages and easily keep track of anything worth saving a sidenote 😉

You Can View The Mozilla Add-on Page Here

Download The Extension Here: Confound Comments XPI Zip

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