Free & Easy VPN For Linux

VPNGate With Proxy

  • allows connecting to free OpenVPN servers at VPN Gate directly or through proxy;
  • adds DNS to fix DNS leak;
  • automatically filters out dead VPN servers;
  • can execute user defined script after vpn_tunnel is established or broken;
  • multiple interfaces: two command line interfaces (a lightweight interface aimed to run on a server, and a terminal interface with a better UI, colors, and easier to use) as well as an AppIndicator;
  • displays VPN server country, ping, speed, up time, log policy, score, protocol and port in the command line interfaces.
To run VPNGate With Proxy, you’ll need Python 2.7.x, python-requests, openvpn, resolvconf, python-urwid 1.3+ (only if you want to use the advanced terminal user interface, called “tui”), wmctrl and realpath.
For the AppIndicator you’ll also need gir1.2-appindicator3-0.1, gir1.2-notify-0.7 and python-gobject.
sudo apt install python-requests openvpn resolvconf python-urwid wmctrl realpath gir1.2-appindicator3-0.1 gir1.2-notify-0.7 python-gobject git

Next, clone the VPNGate With Proxy GitHub repository and run the application (with the advanced terminal user interface) using the commands below:

git clone
cd vpngate-with-proxy
./run tui


autovpn is a small and simple command line tool written in Go, which allows connecting to a random free VPN. Under the hood, autovpn uses OpenVPN to connect to free VPN servers from VPN Gate.
To install and use autovpn, you’ll need to install golang-go, openvpn (autovpn depends on it) and git (to clone the autovpn GitHub repository). In Debian, Ubuntu or Linux Mint, you can install these packages using the following command:
sudo apt install golang-go openvpn git

Next, clone the autovpn GitHub repository and compile it:

git clone
cd autovpn
go build autovpn.go

And finally, install the generated executable – using the command below, the autovpn executable is installed in /usr/local/bin/:

sudo install autovpn /usr/local/bin/

Thats it! Thanks to For This Information…

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