Running Android in Windows With Virtual Machines

Running Android in Windows or Linux

Have you ever wanted to run Android in Windows? Or Maybe Windows in Android? First Download the Virtualization Program – Either a VMWare from the list below or Virtualbox… Download according to your operating system (Windows or Linux) and whether you have a 32 or 64 bit OS… The Next step is to download the Android Operating System or Windows Operating system (also listed below) to run in the Virtual Machine…

Download The VMware Workstation according to your current OS

Download VMware Workstation 6 For 32-Bit Windows (94.3MB)
Download VMware Workstation 6 For 32-Bit Linux (221.3MB)

Download VMware Workstation 12 For 64-Bit Windows (284.7MB)
Download VMware Workstation 12 For 64-Bit Linux (351.5MB)

Alternatively you can Download Virtualbox

VMWARE 12 Serials:

  • UA7T0-2HF5L-080FP-MMPZ9-PKAC6
  • YA5N8-DAFD1-085FY-RFZE9-N62U6
  • GZ1D0-8WZ93-H881Y-WGZGV-ZZ0A2
  • CY5HR-A0E94-489UZ-TZZX9-NPH9A
  • FZ11A-F3YDK-084WZ-HYWZT-W30A8
  • 5A02H-AU243-TZJ49-GTC7K-3C61N
  • VF5XA-FNDDJ-085GZ-4NXZ9-N20E6
  • UC5MR-8NE16-H81WY-R7QGV-QG2D8
  • ZG1WH-ATY96-H80QP-X7PEX-Y30V4
  • AA3E0-0VDE1-0893Z-KGZ59-QGAVF

VMWARE 6 Serials:

  • CRX0D-VWL0V-7CJ6C-46C7A
  • 1H4WM-N21FZ-7GK2A-44U5U
  • FK8R9-LPCDT-88H4Y-4WRN3
  • WC5FW-V0CFX-4804A-4WTNL
  • LR5HT-16602-T814A-4MEN2

Download The Virtual Operating System

Download The Android Virtual Operating System – AndroVM.ova With GAPPS

~ OR ~

Download The Windows Virtual Operating System

How To Install AndroVM in VMWare

How To Install Windows OS in VMWare

Instructions on Running Windows in an Android Device

Run The Following Apps As Is For Android Emulation:

Download NOX Android Emulator For Windows (279.5MB)

Download AMIDuOS Android Emulator For Windows (770.7MB)

To Install Windows on Android You Need To Download These Files :

◾ Download Limbo Pc Emulator 

◾ Download WinLite.iso

◾ Download

After Downloaded These Three Files You Need To Do The Following Steps :

1. Open Limbo Pc Emulator Now Set The Setting Same as Given In The Video.

2. Select The Ram as 512 MB

3. Now Extract The Using Rar or Z achiever App.

4. After Extracted Rename The file “BlankDisk” to “BlankDisk.img

5. Now Select The HardDrive A Choose Open And Locate The “BlankDisk.img” Where You Extracted.

6. Now Select CD-Rom And Choose Open Now Locate The “WinLite.iso

7. After all Go And Press The ▶ (Start Button)

8. Now The Setup is Loading Install The Windows XP on Your Android Device.

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